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£8,000 Raised in 24 hours!


PPSC played a part in raising a massive £8,000 to provide Bibles and pastor training in China during Charity Week!

The Bible Society was chosen as the charity for the PPSC November meeting when the organisers realised that a benefactor had agreed to match all donations, pound for pound, effectively doubling whatever was given. Pembrokeshire offerings on the night totalled £170, so as a result £340 was sent to the appeal.

Total donations to the appeal since summer were over £100,000, which will be doubled to over £200,000!

In response, Esther King, Digital Communications Officer of the Bible Society wrote:

“It’s been an amazing few days celebrating UK Charity Week. We’ve been blown away by the response to our Giving Tuesday appeal for Bibles and pastor training in China. We’re truly grateful to those of you who have given so generously.

“With around a million people coming to faith in China each year and only one ordained pastor for every 6,700 Christians, there is an enormous demand for both Bibles and trained ministers.

“On Giving Tuesday we set a target to raise £5,000, but in a mere 24 hours our supporters had given a staggering £8,000!

“Thank you for the difference you’re making in the lives of Chinese Christians; people like Ma Wen who sent our supporters heartfelt thanks earlier this year.

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“We know that many of you have spent years faithfully praying for China. Please continue to pray for Chinese believers, those who are responsible for ministering to them, and for the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing where Chinese Bibles are printed.”

Kua Wee Seng, who leads the Bible Society work in China, says, “You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the number of apples in a seed. Once a seed is planted and becomes an apple tree, you can never tell how many apples it will produce. It's the same with the word of God. You can never tell what God can do with your gift of the Bible.”

Thank you so much for giving the gift of the Bible in China.