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Hesed and Money

   When Hesed held services no collection taken during the service, and there are no fundraising events for the church. All expenses are met from members' giving and covenanting.

   Anyone who has a financial need can see the Pastor or one of the church members, and we will do what we can to help.

   Hesed is an independent church. It is not formally registered with the charity commissioners or any denomination. We are however, registered with the Inland Revenue as a charity for tax purposes, and can reclaim tax on any donations made under Gift Aid.

   Hesed may organise fund raising events for the benefit of other Christians.

   Being concerned to help anyone in poverty or danger, we have become increasingly aware of the widespread persecution of over two hundred million Christians in sixty countries. In 2005, £ 7,000.00 was raised over 7 months to finance a “safe house ”for persecuted Christians though Open Doors. Then in 2009, £ 9,000 was raised for a minibus for Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan. This was a great encouragement to our small fellowship and others.

   The fellowship has a separate Charity account for accumulating such designated funds.

   In the year 2015 over £ 4,000.00 was sent to support a number of projects with various organisations working with the Suffering Church.

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