"To know, worship and obey God according to the scriptures"

Meet the Pastor

   Peter is a "sixty something" family man, with natural and adopted sons. He was converted at a holiday club when he was thirteen, and felt a definite call of God to work full-time in the church.

   Here he is with his newly born grandaughter, Esther, in May 2007.


   He married at twenty-one after teacher training, and taught Maths for five years in England, before being called to train for the ministry. After completing his course, he pastored churches in Castleton (Gwent) and Tenby for thirteen years and was fully accredited by the Baptist Unions of Wales and Great Britain.

   In 1996 he was called to step out in faith, and as a result Hesed began with its first public service on Sunday October 13th 1996. To help support the family Peter has worked in a number of local schools both as a LSA and as a teacher; as a Home carer and doing administrative work at Texaco and for Taylor Woodrow on the local LNG project. He is currently employed in mental healthcare.

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