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First Anniversary of Asia Bibi’s Release


CitizenGo are celebrating the first anniversary of Asia Bibi’s release.

In an email to supporters this morning, Caroline Farrow summarised:

“A liberation that took us (and many others) ten years to achieve. Without a doubt, this was the longest, most expensive and most difficult victory in the history of CitizenGO. However, it was only possible thanks to you. We could not have mobilised without the of petition signatures, prayers, rallies, and donations from millions of citizengoers around the world.

“We worked tirelessly, as you well know, to free Asia Bibi, a humble Christian unjustly accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death by hanging.

“We pushed the international community to echo the injustice on her and put pressure on the Pakistani government on her behalf. And we succeeded!”

But the charity is not complacent and is aware of the extent of persecution against Christians in today’s world.

“Asia Bibi’s battle was an unprecedented victory, but we didn't win the war.

“There is still much to do to end the hatred against Christians that still lives on, like a plague, in much of the world... especially where radical Islam dominates the souls and minds of many fanatics.

“I promise you that we will continue to fight for justice and religious freedom, the fundamental pillars of the family that you, I and millions of citizengoers around the world support.”