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PPSC February 2020


At the February 2020 meeting of Pembrokeshire Prayer for the Suffering Church, the following countries and situations were offered for prayer:

Egypt - where the Church refuses to retaliate

We learnt how under President Farah Al Sisi, the situation for Egypt’s Christians is improving, with some destroyed churches being rebuilt, and more churches being registered. However, his reforms are not necessarily followed through at ground level.

Rami Kamil, a human rights activist from the Coptic Church who brought attention to the mistreatment of minorities, is still awaiting a court hearing after his arrest in November 2019 for supposed terrorist activities and a list of charges that has been described as “preposterous”.

S2S (Strength to Stand) groups have been set up with help from Release International to give new hope and safety for Christian women who were kidnapped by Islamists, either for ransom or for forced marriage.

Footage was shown of an attack on the doors of St. George Church in Cairo. Christians in Egypt, we heard, are refusing to retaliate; in 2018 the Coptic Church was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Burkina Faso - where violent attacks are increasing

Traditionally peaceful interfaith relationships in Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest countries, have come under attack recently by various invading Jihadists. As a result the country is a new entry on the Open Doors World Watch List this year, coming straight in at No. 28. At a Sunday service in Pansi, 24 Christians were killed. Pastor Tindano Omar and his family were kidnapped: three family members were murdered but his two daughters were released and surely need our prayers.

This month’s offerings will go to Barnabus Fund for Burkina Faso.

Uzebekistan - where there is a glimmer of hope

While Uzbekistani Christians make up just 1.1% of the population, and evangelism is by no means tolerated, yet there were glimmers of hope when we considered that in 2017 the first complete Uzbek Bible was not only produced, it was even Government approved. Registration of all religious institutions is obligatory. In the past Church registration was almost impossible, but has now increased to a rate of one a week, we heard.

Send a Card

This month’s ‘Send a Card’ project was for Susannah, wife of Raymond Koh, who recently marked the third anniversary since his kidnap and disappearance in Malaysia. Scroll down for a link to sign the petition if you haven’t already.