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This is Ebrahim


He is one of approximately 90 Christians currently imprisoned across Iran simply as a result of their faith and their desire to meet, study the Bible and worship together with other Christians.

Ebrahim was born in Iran to a Muslim family in 1987. He became a Christian shortly after he moved to Tehran when he was 20.

He was arrested in August 2013 and spent nearly seven years in prison. During that time his mother was being treated for cancer. He was not allowed to visit her, or attend the funeral when she died.

At the end of his prison sentence he had to go into exile for nearly three years, and has been continually harassed by the Iranian authorities. 

Ebrahim was arrested again in February 2021. He was released on bail at the end of the month, but the promises that the new case would be dismissed have not been honoured.

When asked for prayer requests, he asked for brothers and sisters to pray for other Iranian Christians who have had to flee to Turkey and are waiting to be granted asylum.

Below is an informative video interview recorded in January 2020.

Please pray for Ebrahim.